How To Get Started As A Freelance Graphic Designer

When it comes time to expand your craft or hobby and actually start making it as a professional, then you need to think about your overall plan. There are a few important steps to be able to become successful, and if you keep these items in mind then you have a much better shot of making it in the long run as opposed to just pretending to be a freelance graphic designer. Whatever case you choose, these items should all be considered carefully before you move forward as a full time freelancer.


Don’t Quit Your Day Job

One of the hardest things to do is to actually be good enough as a freelancer that you don’t need additional income. Even though you might want to spend all of your time and energy on your craft, you also need to pay the bills. That’s why before you actually quit your day job and try to focus one hundred percent on your graphic design gig, you need to make sure the graphic design operation is large enough first.

If you can do them both and live off of your day job salary, then you can put the money you receive from graphic design back into the graphic design business. In other words, you can grow it larger and not have to take money out of it.

Build A Strong Portfolio As A Freelance Graphic Designer

Nobody wants to work for free. However, if you want to get your feet wet and gain some experience then you may want to do some discounted jobs or even some donated work to get your business going. You can also spend significant time making samples, because then when you go to bring in more business you will actually have a strong portfolio of work to convince others how good you can be and how professional your work will look. Plus, if you have a larger portfolio then you can prove you aren’t just a one trick pony or a niche designer. Show your talents and let potential clients see how good you can really be.

Don’t Try to Do Everything

While you do want to have a strong portfolio, you also don’t want to try to do everything. Specializing in a specific area means you can dominate that area. Trying to do too much may not just be more difficult for you, but it might be more difficult for your brand. After all, who will even know what you do and what you do the best if you are constantly trying to take on different projects? This is all before you consider the fact that stretching yourself too thin on projects that aren’t similar means you will have to learn new things constantly instead of capitalizing on profitable projects.

Network Like Crazy

If you are going to support yourself with your graphic design business, then you are going to take on all of the roles of being an entrepreneur. That means you have to network with countless people so that a portion of them will actually hire you someday. Being a business owner means being a marketer. Everything you do, everywhere you go, and anyone you meet is an opportunity to promote your business and be able to make connections. Even if you can’t leverage those connections immediately then they could still pay off at some point in the future. And, when you consider what your goals are and how much you will need to do in order to be successful, you should instantly be able to see the importance of making connections currently.

Have A Website

In an age where the internet is king, if you can truly connect with people and show off your work, then you can be successful. The internet not only allows you to do just that but it can help people to find you. Furthermore, as long as your website is done correctly, it is constantly selling your image, your business, and your services as well. Having a quality website means you can bring in more business as well as expand the geographic region that you would otherwise be able to solicit your services.

At the end of the day you can see there are a tremendous number of ways to start moving forward with your freelance graphic design business. However, the important thing to do is to remember that you need a plan and you have to consider each decision before you move forward. As excited as you can be to have finally taken your hobby and turned it into something else, you will want to be sure you make the best decisions in the present so that you don’t wind up paying for them all in the future. Remember these points and your transition to a freelancer will be easy.